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Professionnel trade shows are important events, but it can also be stressful.
This is the moment to use all the best strategies to attract a maximum of attention to your products, and to stand out in the crowd.

The video is an excellent way to attract immediate attention to your stand, and put you instantly ahead of your competitors.


1. It enables you to present a maximum of information in a minimum of time : 
People passing in front of your stand are immediatly familiarised with the products and the services that you are proposing.
This is an easy and accurate way of communicating with your contacts.

2. The video attracts more attention than a stand without this :
The animated image instinctively captures the eye. To be able to diffuse a video on big screen enables you to stand out amongst the other stands and to be visible from a distance. It automatically gives more force to your credibility.

3. Reinforce your branding :
With a video presentation of your services and products, you are able to strengthen and reinforce the image of your corporate identity.
In this way, very quickly, you are able to catch the attention of the crowd and draw them into your universe.

4. A sustainable investment :
A video taht presents your activity can be used for different Trade Shows during several years.
It can also accompany your emails and exchanges with contacts and with people you have met during the trade show.
The video highlight your social network.


There are two possible choices for this type of event :
– A video to be used AT the Trade Show
– A video to be used AFTER the Trade Show

Why should I make a video FOR the Trade Show ?

The video shoot will be done BEFORE the Trade Show and the video will be projected onto a screen, on your stand, during the event. The video will present your products and services. It will attract positive attention to your stand and reinforce the high quality of your brand image.

Why should I make a video of my participation of the Trade Show ?

The video will be shot DURING the Trade Show. It will be produced during the event to be used AFTER the event – it will become an important asset to affirm and embellish your brand name. This video will be a vector – it will help give force and direction in the creation of new contacts and in relations between your company and the public. It can also be used to enhance your image on the Social Network.


The use of a professionnel video is, without a doubt, a major asset to all companies wanting to attract a maximum of attention and interest to their stand, their products and their presentation during a Trade Show – also to ensure a successful follow up to the Trade Show. It’s a definite advantage to the value of their brand name.

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